We design as well as build custom homes.  This helps us do a much better job showing clients what their new home will look like and how much it will cost.  Most people have a hard time visualizing what their home will look like from a 2D set of plans.  That’s why we use software that creates a 3D model as well as construction drawings.  We can rotate and zoom in and out of the 3D model to provide a realistic view of the interior and exterior of your home.  We can even place furniture in the model to give you a realistic idea of how things will fit.

We can keep you within budget.  Too many times in the past a client would come to us with a complete set of plans drawn by a designer or architect who had no real understanding of construction costs.  The home would be so far above the client’s budget, they had no choice but to scrap the whole project and start over or just sell their lot.  It is better to have a builder involved from the start to keep the project within budget.

Here are some sites we have found helpful for finding good house plans and inspiration:
Frank Betz
Southern Living
Gary Ragsdale
Garrell & Associates
Donald A. Gardner
Fillmore & Chambers Design Group
William E. Poole


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